b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Bilder_Content_atc_armoloy_luft_und_raumfahrtechnik_001.jpgExtremely high demands are made on materials within the aerospace industry, and material properties are becoming more and more important. Although the demands made on the base material with regard to hardness, fatigue strength, fracture toughness and dimension-stability are sufficiently met by materials like 80MoCrV4216 (M50) and X102CrMo17 (AISI 440C), further measures to minimise friction and wear are necessary in order to achieve reliability and enhance performance. ATChas successfully carried out these minimisation measures by coating pivoting bearings for flaps, main-shaft bearings, helicopter bearings, highpressure turbo pumps, often in combination with ceramic components.


ATC Armoloy coating was also successfully used for the locking systems of opening flaps. Customers in this field rightly make very high demands on quality and documentation. Hydrogen embrittlement is one of the issues that is important in this respect. Our company is familiar with all annealing specifications.


b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Bilder_Content_atc_armoloy_luft_und_raumfahrtechnik_002.jpgThe ATC Armoloy process conforms to the requirements of many standards and specifications. It has been tested and approved according to AMS 2438 A, AMS QQ-C-320, AMS 2406 G and MILSTD, and it conforms to many company specifications.

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