According to our “General Terms of Offer and Delivery,” parts delivered for coating must be ready for coating. “Ready for coating” shall essentially mean that the parts meet the following requirements:

Any metallic material is suitable for coating (aluminium and titanium are of limited suitability).

You must supply us with information on the material that is to be coated; this includes information on its hardness and any heat treatment carried out. Materials must be in a demagnetised state.

The parts must have a bright metal surface, clean, and free of corrosion. If you would like to pretreat surfaces, you may do this by prior arrangement with us. The compound layer of gas nitrided parts must be removed before coating can be carried out; we therefore recommend the use of plasma nitriding, because this process does not lead to the development of a compound layer. Surfaces that have been ground must be free of grinding cracks or oxide films. Chamfers must be free of burrs. Polished surfaces must be free of residues, and pits in the material should not be filled in by polishing agent. The part that is to be coated must have no additional coating. The surfaces must be free of cracks, pores, scratches, chips, rust, paint, wax, or anything similar.

Rust-proofing and packaging

The parts that are to be coated should be treated with water-displacing protective oil in order to protect them against rust. However, we must be able to remove this oil without it leaving any residue by carrying out our alkaline cleaning process.

Highly polished surfaces should be covered with acid-free PVC foil with a thickness of at least 0.05 mm.

All parts and tools must be packaged in a way that precludes them from mechanically damaging each other and from being mechanically damaged by external causes.

The packaging should also be suitable for the return delivery.

Further details, e.g. processing details and delivery times, may be agreed after consultation and the receipt of technical drawings, or following a visit by our field staff to your place of business.

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